Great time of year to get your solid fuel system swept, cleaned & serviced !

We are finally getting to the end of the burning season in Hertfordshire & Essex. This is a fantastic time of year to get your appliances swept, cleaned and serviced.

  1. As air temperatures rise your flue can start to work in reverse, filling your house with soot and smells from flue.
  2. You will be ready for the next burning season & avoid struggling to find a sweep in the autumn to Christmas rush.
  3. The by-products of burning are corrosive to chimney linings, especially expensive metal liners. Your warranty on liners & stoves requires at least annual sweeping.
  4. If your system needs any remedial work it can be done whilst the weather is good & your professional sweep has more time to address any issues.
  5. Your household insurance will be satisfied with a anual sweeping certificate ☆☆some thatched/historical buildings require twice yearly☆☆