Chimney Sweeping Services

Why should you have your chimney swept regularly?

Services offered

All appliances that burn fuel produce carbon monoxide as a by-product.

Your solid fuel stove or open fire produces 100’s of times that of a gas or an oil appliance.

This and the risk of chimney fires is why you should have a trained and competent person sweep and check your appliance.

The number of chimney fires in the UK is increasing ever year, with over 30,000 homes having a chimney fire in 2010.

Many insurance companies will no longer pay for chimney fire damage unless you have a valid certificate of sweeping from a recognised chimney sweep.

Tallant Chimney Sweeping offer the following services.

  • Cowls, Bird Guards, Chimney Caps supplied & fitted.
  • Bird Nest Removal
  • CCTV Inspections
  • Smoke Evacuation Check
  • Insurance Approved Certificate Issued on Completion of Work